silicon valley advertising

Advertising: It seems as if technology companies in their surge to out-perform rival technology competitors, have invested millions to billions of dollars in creating apps and devices for connectivity, and the consumers are eating it up. While Google, Microsoft and Amazon go head-to-head for tablet sales, apps and music or text downloads, there seems to be some important missing information. There is only one Internet. It does not matter if you are connecting with a desktop, laptop, tablet, iphone, ipad, game-pad, toaster or wristwatch, they are all connecting to just one Internet. Third party vendors are competing online to provide apps and downloads. How will you find them?

With most Internet 'search traffic' going to Google, Yahoo and Bing (Microsoft), information retrieval for all the aforementioned devices, connect to the same Internet. (and this Internet has not changed) *note: do not be tricked by html5

It is similar to the electrical outlets in our homes. Those American 120 outlets have not changed since the 1950s, however the implements and devices we plug-into it have evolved for more than 50 years, from radio to TV and audio components.

Despite empirical evidence to the contrary, Silicon Valley experts cannot agree on 'search.' No one understands Internet Advertising and Digital Marketing and the assumption is 'its just like bricks and mortars marketing'. That's complete hogwash.

Digital Marketing vs. Internet Advertising

The Google search algorithm is so secret that different departments contribute separately so no one person or group knows the complete formula. Many, from Silicon Valley, assume the new Yahoo CEO will bring some 'tech' knowledge from her last employer Google. As Google employee number 20 she has countless financial wealth from Google stock, however it seems unlikely she brings the keys to a new 'Google Killer' app for Yahoo. Perhaps a fresh set of eyes to look (search) in other directions for brand loyalty and ingenuity will be all that Yahoo needs to become competitive in the 'search' wars.

The promise of the Internet was a 'level playing field' with the idea that small persons or companies could compete right beside their larger rivals. In the early days that may have been true, but not any longer. To advertise or market in a 'competitive vertical' requires either money or technology. The idea that "now that I have a website, the checks will just start coming in" has proved to be false and costly. Speak with the expert...Richard Wise - 303-265-1649