Silicon Valley Internet Advertising

This is Silicon Valley Internet Advertising from, a digital marketing and Internet Advertising agency for Silicon Valley, designed to provide measurable results of excellence to Start-ups and small businesses. Our purpose is to generate dominating competitive advantage and name brand recognition for our clients. By using a proprietary technology we place your new potential customers one click away from viewing your online marketing message.

The initial promise of the Internet was a level playing field. It was designed, from a commercial aspect, to provide an opportunity for the small business guy to compete right alongside the big guy. That ship has sailed. The idea that "all we have to do is be on the Internet” is exactly correct if you have no competitors, however if your business is competitive, what will it take for your company Website to “muscle” its way to the top of your Internet category? “IT” is the answer but it’s not “information technology”, rather instead... “Internet technology".

Small Business Internet Advertising

According to INC magazine, A whopping 86 percent of consumers say search engines are very important in the buying process, while just one percent use social media alone. Estimates of more than 1,000 television stations, failing newspaper subscriptions and a Yellow Pages Book not used by anybody, focuses attention on how best to take advantage of current budgets and advertising goals. Digital customer acquisition costs are rarely inexpensive. A full-page black and white ad in the Wall Street Journal National Edition will cost about $164,300 for one day. Did your Start-up really get that kind of funding? Call 303-265-1649